In 2008, four unconventional friends passionate about wine decided to go on a wine adventure. They wanted to plant vines adapted to the changing climate in the French Beaujolais – and create wines out of them, of course! They chose Viognier and Syrah vines, both grapes that are drought resistant and support hot summers.

The Beaujolais is about 200 kilometers to the north of the region where they usually cultivated. But climate is getting drier and warmer there too…

Jean-Marc Lafont, wine maker on Domaine de Bel Air in the Beaujolais, Rodolphe Dourthe, Oliver Colletta and Kristian Van de Cauter, proud owner of Paradisi, took a big risk. But their long shot turned out to be very successful! Actually, both the Syrah and the Viognier did perfectly well on the southern slope of Coteaux de Bel-Air in Lantignié, on granite and limestone. In 2011, the first grapes were harvested.

Coteaux de Bel-air created three wines:

Les Serines

A red wine created out of 100% Syrah grapes, with beautiful aromas of dark red fruit and a cool mineral touch.

Les Galopines

A white wine created out of 100% Viognier grapes, with aromas of citrus fruits (grapefuit!) and touches of pear, melon and jasmine

Pink Serines

A rosé wine created out of 100% Syrah grapes, in the world’s most beautiful bottle, with beautiful aromas of vineyard peach, red fruit and lilac. Fleshy, fresh, delicate and elegant. Only made when the time is right, three vintages until now: 2013, 2016 and 2019.

Serine is a synonym of the Syrah, Galopine of the Viognier. With 1,8 ha, the small production gets all the attention it deserves. These exceptional wines can be discovered in few restaurants and shops, … and of course at Paradisi’s.

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