A guided walk through the world of rosé

There’s the sun, there’s the rosé! Enjoying an evening on the terrace with a glass of rosé is finally possible again. Rosé has long been more than just an aperitif wine. It is appreciated in gastronomy because it is easy to combine with very different dishes.

Quality rosés are produced in diverse wine regions all over the world and from very diverse grape varieties. They have longer or shorter skin contact and may or may not be aged in oak. Rosé can thus taste light, mineral and delicately aromatic, or soft, round and fruity, up to full-bodied and even tannic. The colour of rosé depends on the grape variety, but also on the length of time the grapes have been in contact with the skin.

Which rosé goes with which dish?

Light and mineral rosés: with accents of green herbs, grapefruit, strawberry.

Go well with almost all salads, with or without goat cheese, and with simple meat dishes such as your hamburger on the barbecue.

Paradisi’s tip: Villa Blanche Grenache: A typical ‘Provence-style’ rosé. Light, subtle and uncomplicated, but with spice. A blend of 70% Grenache Gris and 30% Grenache Noir. Pale pink colour, light aniseed smell, very juicy and fruity (strawberry, citrus) in the mouth.

Villa Blanche
Rosé Rebel

Light and floral rosés: with accents of red fruit and flowers.

Go well with (grilled) shellfish, rosé roast lamb, feta cheese, pesto and other Mediterranean dishes.

Paradisi’s tip: Black Elephant Vintners Rebel Rosé: Rosé with a beautiful colour, made from 100% Pinotage – so very original. With aromas of strawberry, pomegranate and jasmine, with a creamy finish.

Full-bodied, round rosés: with accents of red fruit, powerful floral and slightly peppery.

To be drunk with spicy grilled chicken or grilled vegetables.

Paradisi’s tip: Lomond Merlot Rosé: 100% Merlot grapes. With exuberant aromas of strawberry, cherry, rose, and spices.

Lomont Merlot Rosé

Rich, full-bodied, persistent rosés: with accents of dark red berries, jam and pepper.

Drink with spicy dishes and even red meat.

Paradisi’s tip: Our own Pink Serines, from 100% Syrah, in the most beautiful bottle in the world. Beautiful aromas of pêche de vigne, red fruit and lilac. Fleshy, fresh, delicate and elegant.

Come and see us at Paradisi, because we have more than 40 rosés in store for you. Something for every taste and wallet! Kristian guides you skilfully through the wonderful world of rosé wine.

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