The return of the wild yeasts

Every aficionado knows what a chablis or a brunello should taste like. Wine making today is a controlled process. This ensures that the typical taste of a wine region is achieved year after year. Of course, there are vintages where the weather adds that little bit extra, but still…. It is not only the choice of the grape and the barrel, or the time of maturation that determines the taste of wine. The temperature of the fermentations, the right yeasts and bacteria, and the chemicals added during vinification also steer the taste in the ‘right’ direction. What happens when wine leaves that comfort zone? Then you get natural wine!

What is the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wine? And what are the similarities? Bio wine is made from organically grown grapes. The use of chemicals such as sulphites during vinification is strictly limited, but selected yeasts may be added. Biodynamic wine is made from biodynamically grown grapes. The use of additives in vinification is extremely limited, only certain natural products are allowed. According to biodynamics, the wine may be filtered, and a very small amount of sulphite may be used, if nothing else works. Making natural wine sounds very simple in comparison: organically grown grapes ferment naturally. That is all, the wine makes itself. In practice, it is not so easy to make a good wine without the usual adjustments. But if you succeed, you get something special.

At Paradisi we love that adventurous winemaking. Our collection of natural wines is still expanding. We sell several wines of Zeropuro for example, from the Italian Abruzzi. These natural winemakers work according to the principles of biodynamics in the fields, with a Demeter label. This means that fertilisation and the prevention of ‘undesirable’ insects or fungus is done with herbal preparations. Afterwards, natural fermentation of the hand-picked grapes takes place. Come and choose your favourite at Paradisi!

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