Paradisi … the name comes from Citrus Paradisi which is the botanical name for grapefruit.
It is thought to have originated in the Caribbean as a cross between a pomelo and a sweet orange.
Its aroma can be found in our favorite grape: viognier

Since our first discovery of that grape in 2000 it became a real passion. We admit having tasted more than 500 different ones from all around the world.

Paradisi Wines, created in 2009, is thus a story of passion for wines, but also a people story. We have the chance to meet a lot of passionate people, all in love with their region, their soil, their wines.

Wine with a story one by one

We propose you a selection of wines, not the classic ones from for example Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Sancerre or Chablis, but the different ones.
Not that we don’t like them, as a matter of fact we love them. But you can find them everywhere in a wine shop or supermarket close you.
We propose you wines with a story and somehow a bit different.
We are specialized in wines from South Africa with a selection of more than 300 different bottles, but we also offer you wines from other countries.

You can find our wine boutique in the center of Aalst, Belgium
The shop opens every Saturday from 11h to 19h

Come in and share the different passion for wine with us!

Kristian Van de Cauter –

Phone: +32 474 82 11 50
VAT: BE 0809.653.654
Esplanadestraat, 20
9300 Aalst - Belgium